Walmart Discounts iPad On Black Friday Eve, Guarantee Availability

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Walmart will be offering some bargains at 8pm on Thanksgiving, which happens to be two hours earlier than they did last year. MercuryNews reports that Walmart have also said that they will guarantee three of the most popular of items on sale ahead of Black Friday if customers line up during an event that will last one hour on that day.

iPad to be discounted on eve of Black Friday (Walmart)

Those in line between 10pm and 11pm on Thanksgiving will be able to get their hands on the iPad 2 from Apple with Wi-Fi for just $399 and with it comes a Walmart gift card of $74. Another bargain is the Emerson 32 inch LCD TV which will be $148 instead of $228. They will also be offering a Blu-Ray player for $38, which is roughly half off the original price tag.

If you happen to be in the line and the store does run out of the product during the hour window, they will give you a guarantee card for that item. However you must pay for the item by midnight and register it online.

Walmart said that they knew the frustration of shopping on Black Friday and not being able to get hold of bargains. They also said that Walmart had bought deep on the products that matter the most to consumers; however they declined to offer any more details. They did however say that are offering sharper discounts and deeper assortments when the sales kick off. One example of this is that they have doubled the amount of tablet computers for the holiday period.

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