Black Friday Tips: Avoid Buying A HDTV, Toys Or Jewelry

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When the turkey dinner has been eaten and the final result of the football game has been announced, another US tradition will begin, this is the famous Black Friday sales. This is the chance to get your hands on some bargain deals in electronics and there are numerous deals out there. However along with some great deals there are also some rip-offs that you should avoid, so here is what you shouldn’t buy in the sales.

Black Friday deals to avoid: HDTVs, toys and staples

One of the things that you might want to avoid buying on Black Friday is a high end HD TV. Many retailers offer low prices for HDTVs on Black Friday; however these are generally what you would call top of the range. 32 inch LCD TVs could be purchased for the low price of $159, however for this price you will get a TV that is in the lower end of the market. If you want a great value HD TV the best time to get one is in January before the Super Bowl. Last year you could get your hands on a 42 inch Sharp HDTV with Best Buy for just $199. However just 10 people managed to secure one per store.

Don’t get toys in the Black Friday sales either. This can be tempting of course, however if you wait until two weeks before Christmas you could save around 50% on some of the most popular toys of the year. However there is the exception to this rule. For instance Tickle me Elmo was popular last year and it soon sold out, along with this as the demand for it increased, so did the price tag.

Buying winter clothing and other seasonal goods is not a great idea. Customers often make the mistake of thinking that everything in the store will be a bargain on Black Friday. However this is not the case. Ugg boots for example come with a retail cost of around $160, in September you might be able to get them for around $85, while if you wait for Black Friday the cost could have risen by 59%.

If you are looking for deals on Black Friday you should keep price matching and don’t just assume that the item will be cheaper just because of the day. Best Buy and Target are the best places to shop as they often match the prices of retailers online, such as Amazon and

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