More Black Friday 2012 Ads: Kmart, Staples,…

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More ads for Black Friday sales have come out, so what Android deals are out there other than the ones which have been posted by Radioshack? Unfortunately when it comes to Staple and Kmart there is nothing to get excited about, unless you are in the market for an older tablet or you want to risk one of the off-brand names.

Black Friday 2012 ads from Kmart & Staples

Staple is offering the Kindle Fire tablet on their front page ad; however they are not really offering a discount. Instead they are offering a $20 discount gift card if you purchase the tablet. There is also an old Lenovo and Samsung tablet of 7 inches that are quite cheap.

Kmart is not worth a look in, unless you want to get hold of a brand called “Mach Speed Trio”. However they are offering an unlocked Samsung phone, but the majority of their Android devices are nothing exciting.

So it looks like Radioshack is still at the top with its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 Black Friday price cut and PS3 offering.

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