Radioshack Black Friday 2012 Ads: Galaxy S3, One X Free…

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It’s just two weeks to Black Friday and this is generally the day to grab yourself some excellent Android products with savings. It looks like the same will apply this year as Radioshack Black Friday ads have been posted already, and they come with Android handsets with some superb savings.

Black Friday 2012 Radioshack ads leaked, Samsung Galaxy S3 on board

One of the most interesting of devices is the Stratosphere 2 from Samsung. This hasn’t even been announced or been given a launch date at Verizon. However Radioshack has it listed in their Black Friday ad catalog free on contract. This means you will save $100 and the handset will more than likely come out at $99 on contract over 2 years. This is the only handset that has been on Verizon in months with a keyboard that slides out.

Along with this handset you will be able to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint or AT&T for $49 as a new customer, or $99 if you upgrade. The S2 and HTC One X are bargains as they are free and you will get a $10 coupon for each $50 you spend at RadioShack.

So anyone in the market for a new handsets just has two weeks to wait to grab themselves some great savings and a super device.

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