Black Friday 2012 Ads: Xmas Comes Early For PS3 Fans

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Halloween might have only just past us by and Christmas ads have quickly taken their place. However many may have forgotten about the Black Friday deals, which have now started to leak out and one of the most recent of these is aimed at savings for Ps3 fans.

Black Friday 2012 ads leaked for PS3 & accessories (Radioshack)

Radioshack are one of the most well known for their Black Friday sales and they will be offering the PlayStation 3 250GB for $219 reports TheExaminer. For this you will get your hands on the console and Unchartered and infamous collection of games, which would typically cost more than $60. Radioshack will also hand out store coupons worth $40 when you take them up on the PS3 deal. GameStop is selling the same PS3 bundle for $270, so the one at RadioShack is a great offer come Black Friday 2012.

The infamous collection is the tale of Cole MacGrath, who got inhuman abilities following an accident. In the first you can take control of electricity in Empire City. The second edition is about Cole coming to terms with the powers he has and the struggle not only with his enemies, but also his own choices. Users are able to play as a saving grace or villain.

In the Uncharted trilogy you take on the character of Nathan Drake, descendant of Sir Francis Drake. The games are similar in style to Tomb Raider and are packed with action with a third person shooter style. The games have won the Game of the Year award as well.

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