BioShock Creator Has His Hands In Something Else

With Take-Two revealing that they will be reviving the BioShock franchise, you would think that that would be all Ken Levine will be working on but actually, he is not working on it right now. Instead, he seems to be busy working on a different game for Take-Two.

According to reports, the game has been in the works for years but has not been announced yet. According to Levine, he can’t talk about the game right now but teased that there is going to be some weird stuff int eh game.

He did not explain further what he meant by that but added that he wanted to push the game to the edge and that is where all the great stuff exists. All of these are pretty vague and we still do not know what the game will have to offer but now that he is talking more about it, does it meant that we will be getting an announcement soon?

We will just have to wait and see.