Beyond Good And Evil Gives Boost To Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is an upcoming hybrid console that has gained a great deal of attention, but there are many people who are convinced that it is only going to be like the Wii U.

When the Wii U came onto the market people were disappointed with what Nintendo offered with it and there are sceptics who think the same will happen once the Nintendo Switch arrives. On saying this we have heard somethings about the Switch and up to now it does sound good, plus more developers seem to be getting on board to offer up new games for the console.

One of the latest rumours going around suggests that Beyond Google and Evil 2 is going to be heading to the Nintendo Switch. It is also said that the game could be exclusive to the console and this could give it a much needed boost and help it to stand out among others.

But what are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, or you interested in purchasing the console when it becomes available?

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  1. Johng

    January 8, 2017 at 8:25 am

    I have a wiiu and it enjoy it more than my Xbox one, but the switch will suffer the same fate. People don’t like 3 choices. Ford and GM do better than Dodge/Chrysler, Android and iOS destroyed Windows mobile, Windows and OSX kept Linux from gaining mass appeal. Kids today don’t identify with Nintendo like 30-40yr olds do. Switch is dead in the water.