Bethesda Unveils Skyrim: Special Edition Demands

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The initial development of Skyrim: Special Edition is completed and Bethesda has now unveiled the requirements for playing the game on the PC along with Xbox One and PS4 file sizes.

Fans of Skyrim will know that Bethesda has been working on a remastered version of the game and now the game has gone gold. This means that the initial development of the game has been completed and it is ready to be manufactured. Now details about the requirements have also been released.

The system specs for the PC version of Skyrim: Special Edition is what the majority of gamers have been waiting to hear about. There is good new here as the game really isn’t all that demanding, which means you don’t have to rush out and boost your gaming PC providing you have a recent one.

The high end asks that you have the i5-2400 or FX-8320 and GTX 780 or R9 290. You are going to need 12GB hard drive free, which isn’t too much to ask for really. The recommended PC specs are 8GB of RAM and Windows 7/8.1 or 10 installed.

For the Xbox One you will need 17GB in North America and 25GB in Europe and the PS4 is 20GB in North America and 33GB in Europe. Skyrim: Special Edition is going to be free for anyone who bought the original and three DLC packs on the PC and you can get it on 28 October. Both the PC and console versions are going to come with support for mods.

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