Bethesda: Skyrim Hammerfell DLC Coming This Summer

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And the rumors have finally been sorted out. After speculations that Bethesda is working on a fourth Skyrim DLC by way of Redguard after a trademark was filed, has word come out that the next Skyrim DLC will in fact be called Hammerfell.

The folks over at SidhTech report that Bethesda made the announcement via a press release today morning and that the Skyrim Hammerfell DLC will be available for download in June of this year.

The blog goes on to suggest why a Hammerfell DLC would make sense after all:

“Hammerfell does seem like the next logical step given that an Elder Scrolls 6 would likely be many years away still. Weren’t the Redguards able to push back the Thalmor threat? Maybe the Thalmor become the main baddie in the next game and it’s up to a Redguard hero to save the day.”

That is an interesting theory by the blog and we will have to see whether it comes true when the game is released.

Update: And we’ve been duped! SidhTech have come clean and admitted the story was just an April Fool’s Day joke!!

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