Bethesda Keeps Elder Scrolls Fans Busy On iOS & Android

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Bethesda has given fans of Elder Scrolls some good news as they have announced The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which is heading to tablets and smartphones in the months to come.

The game is developed by Dire Wolf Digitals and it was seen in beta on the PC last year. Now Bethesda has just confirmed the game is now out of beta and anyone who was playing it in the beta version can keep their cards and all the rewards that they have earned so far.

Now that they have finished working on the PC game, Bethesda has said that The Elder Scrolls: Legends is going to come out on the iPad on 23 March. In April it will be launched on Android and then the game is coming to smaller screens during early summer.

The developer has promised to continually adjust the cars along with bringing out new events to offer an experience that is balanced, dynamic and evolving for everyone.

Bethesda also gave fans of CCG some more news as they said that they are going to reveal a new story and they will offer up solo PvE content that will have 20 missions and which will be spread out over three maps. 40 new cards will also be coming out.

The story campaign isn’t going to be free but if you buy it you will also get Doom Wolf mount in the Elder Scrolls Online for a bonus on the PC and Mac.

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