Best Upcoming Phones of 2016: Galaxy S7, Surface Phone, Ara, iPhone 7

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A brand new year means brand new smartphones that will be coming our way. As we move into 2016, there are so many smartphones releasing that have heightened smartphone enthusiasts into getting their hands on them. Some of the best smartphones have made their way into our list too, check it out below:

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Launch date: Possibly March 2016, April-release)

Wow, it’s the seventh-generation already, why has the time passed so fast? Samsung’s much anticipated upcoming flagship have had its share of rumours: there might be a 4K display and would be powered by the Snapdragon processor (Snapdragon 820 chipset). Other rumours that made its way to the S7 rumour mill were an imbibing 3D Touch-like technology, a retina scanner and fast-charging capabilities.

iPhone 7 (Launch date: September 2016 debut, October-release)

This is one of the most talked-about phones that we’ve seen in recent months, particularly because it might actually have its Lightning port removed from the smartphone in hopes of making it slimmer. Other rumours include multiple sensors which will further improve the image quality and focus speeds, and probably the faster A10 processor and an M10 motion processor too, while they’re at it.

Project Ara (Launch date: February 2016)

This is Google’s modular phone that has certainly been in the news for sometime (though it has been delayed for quite a while too, due to being broken apart). It’s claimed to have changeable components, via modules that could be clicked in and out through attaching electro-permanent magnets. And here’s the cool thing: Project Ara allows users to opt for their preferred battery size or camera of their choice.

We’ll have plenty of time to list down others that didn’t make it to the list, as it’s still certainly not exhaustive yet. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates for smartphones that are rolling out this year.

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