Best Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 Black Friday Deals

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With Black Friday now just around the corner, many shoppers are hoping to score on some consumer electronic deals. In particular, there are some great deals to be had for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Black Friday deals: Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2

Amazon is already offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for just $250 when you take out a contract of two years with AT&T. This means that you make savings of $50 when compared with what the carrier is asking for the handset. This will be about the best savings you can make for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as all carriers are asking $300 for the device with a contract over two years.

If it is the Samsung Galaxy S3 that you want then you might want to head over to T-Mobile as they are offering the handset for free, once you post in the mail in rebate offer. Again this is over a contract of two years and is for the Galaxy S3 along with other devices from the Samsung range reports BooksNReview.

The blog also points out that you can get your hands on the Pebble Blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Best Buy for $49.99 when you take the device out with a two year contract with AT&T.

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