5 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Tips

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the same issue that all Android handsets have and that is poor battery life. In some reviews the battery life has been shorter than a day. The mains reasons for this are the 5.8 inch display, LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There are some things that you can do to get the most out of your battery thanks to tweaks and settings. You should check out the life of the battery on your phone by going into Settings and then checking the how much battery your apps are using along with how much battery is left. So here is how to get the most from your battery.

Turn off the LTE if you don’t need it

If you don’t use LTE then you could turn it off, despite the fact that US carriers have disabled this option. There is a simple hack and also one for the AT&T version of the device at the XDA Developers website. Droid Life also have one for the Verizon version of the handset.

Turn off features that you don’t need

You can turn off features that you don’t use on the device in the settings. You can choose to turn of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and much more. Use the Power Saving button and this will limit the power used, screen power, screen background and haptic feedback. The display background will use power for motion screen and the haptic feedback will make the device vibrate if the buttons are tapped.

NFC and S Beam can drain the battery and this can be turned off in your Settings.

Tweak the display screen settings

Head into Settings and then choose Display. Choose home screen wallpaper that doesn’t have lots of colour. An all-black image is best. Never use a moving background as this will drain the battery faster.

Then turn of LED lights for indication and under brightness set it to automatic so that the device will change the brightness if it needs to. Slide it all the way down to save the most battery.

Choose a screen timeout of as low as possible. 1 minute is good but 30 seconds is best, however 15 seconds may be too much as it can annoy you.

Limit services for locations

Only allow any apps that rely on location services use the GPS of the handset, you can set this in the apps.

Widgets and apps

Limit the amount of widgets that you have on your home screen. While widgets may be useful if you have too many it will drain the battery down too fast.

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