Best Phone For Kids: iPhone or Android?

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Kids today all want phones earlier than you would have expected. But which do you get for them out of the many Android handsets and of course the iPhone models out there?

Best phone for kids: iPhone or Android?

Apple now has some type of parental control in their settings and you can install a third party browser. You can also block the purchase of apps and you can make it so that iTunes will ask for a password to download. However on the downside not all apps can be disabled and there is a lack of ways to restrict media and video.

On Android, this control is not there as the OS allows developers more options than iOS do. However, it is more likely to have easy to use parenting tools to ensure children are safe when using a mobile. Family Guardian for instance can be installed on any Android device and from this year Android tablets will have parental control built in.

Amazon recently released FreeTime controls for its new line of Kindle Fire HD tablets which allows for more than one profile and access can be restricted. This feature is also expected to be made available in the smartphone they are supposedly working on.

Android phones have other benefits which parents will be sure to appreciate. The majority of prepaid outfitters carry phones for less than $250 unlocked if you are worried about costs. Parents can also make use of the GPS in the phone to keep track of their children using Google Latitude or Family Guardian.

At the moment, Android offers more choices for phones for kids and they cost less. You can get your hands on a great phone like the Motorola DROID RAZR M for just $99 on contract, or if something cheaper is needed there are many available free on contract as well. With iOS and the iPhone the only hope really that you have is that they are using the device responsibly when they are out of your sight.

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