Best of CES 2016: Samsung 8K TV, LG Glass…

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We’re halfway through the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), though there’s still plenty to learn about in the remaining days of the event. And you’ve probably seen some of the most innovative ideas of the latest technology showcased there, but we’ll get you through one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make in your life.

That is: should you be getting yourself a Samsung 8K TV, LG’s Glass OLED 4K TV, or Sony’s 4K HDR TV? We’re definitely spoilt between choices. For starters, Samsung’s 8K TV is one heck of an SUHD television that features not only a 10-but Quantum dot implementations, it’s also sporting a really cool curved design that’s completely without bezels. Though there still isn’t any price tag on it yet, US citizens can grab it by preordering it now and you’ll be the firsts in the world to get hold of the cadmium-free, true-to-life picture quality TV of your entire life.

Then, there’s the LG Glass OLED 4K TV is also one that’s gonna set the bar really high for contenders. It’s claimed that it could push out the deepest black pictures compared with other TVs and with the Ultra HD Premium certification that it’s acquired, there’s just more reason to like it since it has already met the most demanding performance standards for resolution, peak luminance, black levels, and many more.

Lastly, the Sony 4K HDR TV is also claimed to have the best ability to display vivid colours and contrast that a HDR is capable of. They’ve basically gone through a completely different approach in relying solely on their own products; streaming service Ultra will offer shows produced by Sony Pictures in 4K HDR quality.

Though their official prices are still not released yet, it seems that the Samsung is really likely to be the cherry on top this time around, since the features packed in it is just unbelievably amazing.

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