Best iOS Browser: Safari vs Chrome

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It’s the battle between the best browsers on iOS devices. But only one could be triumphant if we take this into consideration: the ‘Do Not Track’ feature.

Seems like it’s only Safari that offers the feature now, which greatly benefits security-conscious users in opting out of online tracking. Imagine all of your history and bookmarks get tracked and you could be more exposed than ever. Well, that’s what Chrome is failing to provide.

Though Google has been claiming that it’s just a matter of iOS constraints, which brings to the unavailability of certain features (and that includes the ‘Do Not Track’ feature). But just how much does this ‘Do Not Track’ feature “doesn’t track”? It’s been said that while some websites actually honour user’s request for not tracking them, others do not.

Everybody knows that Chrome is the better browser of the two, so it should also be the upper hand of the two unless they failed to include the omitted feature. Otherwise, our online usage could be quite harmful to a certain extent.

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