Free Android Camera App Captures 30 Shots Per Second!

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One of the many reasons we love the HTC One X is its amazing camera software. You can take your pick from various filters, shoot HD video in slow-mo, but our overall fave among its features is the burst shot.

Fast Burst Camera app for Android takes 30 shots per second

When you hold down the phone’s shutter icon, you can take many shots in a split second. This means you can choose the best photo from the roll, and for those of us who take pictures of fast moving people or objects, it can be a life saver.

The Fast Burst Camera app has found its way into the Play Store and it does just what we all wanted it to do. Just hold down the button and you can capture up to 30 frames a second (as long as your device allows this).

There’s a free version which works brilliantly, but some may find the inevitable ads intrusive and annoying. If you spend a mere $4, however, you can buy the pro version and do away with the adverts. You will also unlock additional features like lighting settings and auto-focus.

We’ve tested it using a Samsung Galaxy Note and overall the picture quality appears to be good even in low light conditions. Give the Fast Burst Camera Lite app a try first before opting for the paid version.

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