Best Android Phone Right Now: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 happens to be the number one selling device in the People’s Choice Chart and the Mobile Tech Experts Chart in the PhoneDog official smartphone rankings. Despite having to undergo some ups and downs the device is showing its dominant side in the charts reports the blog. So will the best Android device be the Note 2  right though the holidays?

Best Android phone right now: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (PD)

PD’s official rankings have set standards for over 39 weeks when they took votes from some of the best experts in the industry and their readers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came out on top in the charts in week 39 which proved that it has what it takes. In the people’s Choice Charts it beat the Nokia Lumia 920 by as many as 201 votes and in the Mobile Tech Expert Charts it took 53 points and beat the iPhone 5 by just 11 points.

The Nokia Lumia 920 managed to hold position 2 in the Peoples charts and the Samsung Galaxy S3 came in 3rd again, barely coming out ahead of the LG Nexus 4 with 2 votes. When it came to the Mobile Tech charts the iPhone 5 came in second with 40 points. The Nokia Lumia 920 went up one place to number 3 with 29 points, and this pushed the Samsung Galaxy S3 into 4th place with 28. The HTC Droid DNA came in with 26 points and pushed the LG Nexus 4 out of the top 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Android continues on to break all records on the charts of PhoneDog, however Windows Phone 8 is very close on its heels.

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