Best Android Apps (January 2016)

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As we roll into 2016, there are a large number of new Android apps hitting the Google Play Store. So if you’re looking to spruce up your Android phone as part of your New Year’s resolution, check out these 5 apps in particular.

Best new Android apps of 2016

Topping the list is Samsung Pay. This is the only Android Pay app that we know off which provides Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). This is something we expect from all but unfortunately it looks like it will be a while before it is widely adopted.

Next up is Tapet. While this wallpaper app has been around for some time now it was only recently that an update made it highly customisable for you to create your own unique wallpapers. Something that is lacking with most other wallpaper apps. Further more it adheres to Google’s material design rules so they look fantastic while still consistent.

Moving on we have LastPass. This is another app that has been around in 2015 but only its recent update has made it the best one out there – fingerprint security support. While it can keep all your different passwords secure, it was quite difficult to remember the master password to access LastPass app. Now that is no longer an issue!

Next we have Google Keep. There is nothing much to say here other than it is possibly the most flexible productivity app at the moment – although not the prettiest.

Last on the list is Google Photos. If you aren’t using this and instead paying for something like iCloud then save your money and switch over. It is just as convenient but is free thanks to unlimited storage.

So those are the best Android apps this month. Do give them a try.

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