Bentley First EV Set To Arrive In 2025 Or Later

While most automakers are scrambling to get into the electric vehicle game, it looks like Bentley wants to take their own sweet time with the vehicle as new reports claim that we will only be seen on in 2025 or later.

According to Automotive News Europe, Bentley has not yet decided where they want to go with the EV model. They have not decided on the form of power and that a few options are available to them right now.

With Bentley being a part of Volkswagen, most people believe that the vehicle will be riding on a Volkswagen platform when it does arrive. It was also added that the vehicle will have a much smaller footprint.

As for the battery, there were some talks that Bently might be looking to wait for new chemistry but others think that Bentley might not have the time and would just have to go for the lithium-ion battery pack.