Forget HTC, Beats Developing Own Stylish Android Phone Lineup

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The world of mobile phones was turned upside down when HTC announced that they had acquired Beats by Dre and would be including the audio in with their smartphones like the HTC One X.

Beats Android phones coming our way, not HTC branded (rumor)

However things didn’t take off as HTC had hoped, which led to them selling back stakes recently. However now it seems that Beats are getting reading to take on the smartphone world with a smartphone range of their own reports Droid-Life.

The handset would be made by HTC as they are still in business with Beats; however there are rumours that the handset will not have the HTC logo attached to it. It is thought that there will be a custom interface around Beats which would be built over the top of the Android OS i.e. don’t expect Sense UI.

It also seems that Beats wants to take on iTunes as they are also planning a music service and system that would connect their handsets, TV, tablets and computers, allowing the sharing of streaming music.

So does Beats have what it takes to take on iTunes and the smartphone world and could they deliver something that would knock Apple off the top spot? Beats has as much to do with style as it does sound quality. So if we see some great looking gadgets that deviate from the recent slabs of glass that we are now used to, they may have a shot. And HTC does have the experience to make great devices, it just remains to be seen whether the Beats skin would be better than stock Android like in the case of the HTC Google Nexus One.

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