Bayonetta 3 Will Tie Things Up

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Fans were left hanging in the last game but it looks like Platinum Games is ready to tie things up in the next game.

Although they did not announce the game yet, Hideki Kamiya did hint that the game would be coming on Twitter. When a fan asks if there is going to be a name for World of Chaos setting, Kamiya replied that he or she will have to wait until Bayonetta 3 to find out.

That is as close as a confirmation that the fans will be getting for now and we don’t think they will be dropping any more information about the third game anytime soon.

Some people thought that there was not going to be a third game after the second game fail to hit the sales target. The game still has a huge following so it will be interesting to see if the developers can get it right for the fans this time around.