Battlefield V Mind Blowing Option Get All The Attention

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The open beta for Battlefield V is now available but instead of hearing about the mechanics of the game, or the story, what got the fans attention seems to be the Options tab on the console.

It might not be much for the PC player who has already gotten used to having tons of options and settings to tweak and control, we do know that the option is most of often limited on the console because of the limits of the specs but Battlefield V surprise their fans with the long list of things they can actually tweak.

Options include the basic but also controls for soldier stick sensitivity, vehicle stick sensitivity, zoom sensitivity and more. The advance option will let you adjust things like a dead zone. They also included sensitivity sliders for tanks and turrets which is nice. There are also a ton of gameplay options so players can decide if they want to hide all HUD elements or show the weapon icon and name in the kill log and more.

The customization option is not something console players is used to and it is nice to see games like Battlefield 5 pay more attention to things like this.

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