Battlefield V Alpha Help Highlight Flaws

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Battlefield V developer invited a small group of people to test out the alpha version of the game which includes the map Arctic Fjord. Besides testing out the technical components of the game, DICE also manage to learn a few more things on how the game can be improved.

According to DICE, they ran into some issue with the matchmaking configuration of the game which resulted in players getting put in the wrong server location or seeing error messages when trying to match make.

There were also issues with keeping Squads together during matches which DICE is working to get right now. Other issues that DICE will be focusing on now would be to balance out the ammo optimal balance, revive mechanism of the game, balance the reinforcement weapons and fix other weapon-related issues.

DICE will open up the game for the public to try out this September. Hopefully, they can get these fixed up before that.

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