Battlefield 5 New Features Is Something That Fans Have Been Asking For

A new update will be coming to Battlefield 5 and this time, it will come with something that fans have been asking for the longest time.

The new 6.2 updates will come with a few updates and improvements but on top of that, it will also come with tank customization. This was something that fans have been asking for since day one and it is here, 457 days later.

To thank their fans for waiting so long for the feature to come, DICE is offering a set of tank customization items for the Sherman tank to all that log into the game before the 24th of March. The gift will come with a Coming Soon spray which is also a poke at the long wait.

The full patch notes for the Battlefield 5 6.2 update is already up on their site right now so you can head there to check out all the update that will come this time.