Battlefield 5: Loot Box Won’t Be Part Of The Game

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Earlier this year, there were rumors suggesting that the upcoming Battlefield 5 game would be coming in with a loot box feature but it looks like that rumor was not true after all.

According to EA, there will be no loot boxes for Battlefield 5 which is different from what Battlefield 1 was offering. It was believed that the loot box will offer players cosmetic items but since we know now that it will not be happening, it is a relieve for many of the fans.

After the whole Star Wars: Battlefront II loot box issue, fans were worried that the loot box would ruin Battlefield 5 for them as well but that won’t an issue anymore. However, players can still use real money to buy in-game currency and use that to buy customize items but those will only change the cosmetic of the character and will not affect gameplay at all.

Battlefield 5 will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 19th of October.

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