Battlefield 5: How To Get All The Free In-Game Money

There is a lot of free in-game money to claim in Battlefield 5 right now as long as you know how to get them.

Dice announced that they will be extending their free currency offering for Battlefield 5. To get the free 6000 Company Coin, players will only need to log into the game over the next week. As long as players long in on the 6 to 7th of April, 8, 9 and 10th of April and 13 – 14th April, you can get the 1500 Company Coin. Don’t miss any and you will get 6000.

The coins are given as part of their Stay and Play campaign encourage players to stay home and play their game instead of going out. This was offered early last month but they have now decided to extend it so that more players can benefit from it.

Other games have also been offering bonuses and incentives to their players to try and encourage them to stay home.