Battlefield 5: How The Beta Is Going To Reshape It

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It looks like the delay is going to do Battlefield 5 a whole lot of good. Not only will they be avoiding Call of Duty but the developers also have more time to respond to the feedback players have for the game after the open beta.

In the new video released by DICE, they detailed some of the changes that the game will be getting when it arrives in November. Some of the changes include the possibility of players having more ammo capacity to start with.

The developer also added that they will be tweaking the game to improve the visibility of the game. They admitted that in some environment, the systems made it too dark so they will have to manually adjust the lighting to make it clear enough.

The tanks will also be tweaked so that it is easier to differentiate them. The new Battlefield 5 game will be arriving on the 20th of November.

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