Battlefield 5: Free Currency Given Out To Compensate Fans Over Issue

Battlefield 5 players will be getting a some free currencies as DICE announced that they will be offering up the currency to make up to the fans for dealing with the issues.

200 Battlefield Currency will be offered to all players. They don’t even have to do anything to claim it as the currency will be added to the account automatically. The main issue that DICE had to address was the bug where players could not unlock the latest weekly reward.

The latest 6.6 updates will also be balancing out the game’s vehicles and made even more changes to the weapons in the game. The update will also make some changes to the map as well including Wake Island. The update will also fix a few more bugs and issues that have been reported in the past.

After this, players can also look forward to the next update which will be arriving in June. The developer also announce that there will also be a few Battlefield games coming for the new console.