Battlefield 4: 90 Days To Major Reveal

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Battlefield 4 will be making its way onto consoles in the near future. This was confirmed by EA and DICE who some months back surprised the Battlefield 3 community. Those who bought Medal of Honor Warfighter will have beta access and EA will soon be bragging off their latest edition to Battlefield, which is expected to come out on the next gen consoles.

Battlefield 4: big reveal in 3 months

Focus is still on the remaining End Game DLC for Battlefield at the moment, and this should be out on all of the consoles in March. EA will then move their attention to Battlefield 4. Frank Gibeau, label chief of EA Games said that Battlefield 4 would be coming out in 2014.

Product-Reviews points out that he also said that there would be a major reveal of more juicy intel on Battlefield 4 within 90 days. This means that fans of the games should expect this around April or May. The Sony PS4 along with the Xbox 720 have been said to be coming out towards the end of the year. This means that Battlefield 4 will be coming out on the new console or PC when it is launched next year.

One of the most wanted features is said to be coming with the consoles, 60 frames per second. There is still debates going on as to whether the next gen consoles will support used games or discs already owned, so for now we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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