Battlefield 4: Is It Too Late?

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Battlefield 4 has been around for a few years now and with the new Battlefield 1 now out there, you would think that people would have already moved on from the game but it looks like that is not the case.

Based on the latest Battlefield 4 stats, it looks like the players are still pretty active. There are a lot of full servers so you don’t have to worried about being alone in the game.

The fact that the developer is also offering all the DLC for free is another plus for those thinking about getting the game. It might be old but since it will be extremely cheap to get one now and you are guaranteed to have a good time, why not give it a try if you have not.

If you are thinking of getting the game, which platform should you get it for? Of all the platforms, it looks like PS4 is the one with the most players right now. With an average of 10k players. Xbox One comes in second with 8K while the PS3 comes in third with 6K.

As for the new Battlefield 1 game, Dice as just made an interesting announcement. In the past, to play some of the new maps with your friends, all oof your friends need to own the DLC map so if one of you are not willing to pay extra for it, you won’t be able to play together.

Well, it looks like Dice is changing that as they have just announced their new Premium Friends feature where players are allowed to play the new DLC map as long as one party member own the $50 Premium Pass. How great is that!

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