Battlefield 1 Open Beta: Get Early Access Codes Right Now

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If you have read the title you might believe that we have some codes to share with you for enjoying early access to Battlefield 1. However what we are looking for is gamers that have a Battlefield Insider account.

This is due to the fact that Battlefield Insiders are going to be given access to the Battlefield 1 Open Beta Early Access, but they have to have codes to do so. These codes are sent to emails and those who receive them are able to check out Battlefield 1.

If you are going to use the older AMD cards such as the 6000 or the 5000 then you might not want to download as the drivers needed to launch the game are not available, so it would be a waste of time.

Battlefield 1 is going to be the next big FPS game coming from EA Dice and it should be coming our way later this year. Battlefield 1 is going to have a setting of World War 1 unlike the previous games.

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