Battlefield 1 Gets New Update, What You Should Know

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The developer of the game Battlefield 1 continues to support to the game with new updates and features with the latest patch arriving soon. Here is what you can expect from the new update.

The Battlefield 1 Summer Update will come with a few new weapons, gadgets and vehicle include the M1903 Experimental which will now have an alternative fire mode. The issue with the Anti-Tank Mines has also been fixed while the C96 pistols loading time has been adjusted as well.

In terms of gameplay, friendly fires will now show the spotting radius to teammates so that they can coordinate better. The issue where <0.5 scores were not registered has been fixed and now be rounded up to 1. The update will also come with a few interface and UI upgrades including the gameplay options for adjusting colour and visibility of the lens sight reticle and compass bearing numbers on the mini-map and big map. You can read more about the updates on their site.

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