New ‘Bang With Friends’ Facebook App: Clever Or Immoral?

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A Facebook app has received a lot of attention along with causing controversy. Bang with Friends works with Facebook and lets you find people who you can hook up sexually, either through conversation or in the real world. Some people believe it to be immoral while others have said the app is a new sexual revolution.

The app is simple but it may have consequences that are huge and you would have to give the app some thought before using it. If you do install it the app will show you a list of Facebook friends and if you wish to “bang” them, all you do is click on their name. If they choose to bang you too, you will get an email.

The app only informs both users who click on each other and the developers of the app say it will enrich dating. However others have condemned the app. An archbishop has said that it could affect the moral values of the younger generation. Another who was trying out the app when reviewing it said that filters could improve it, this could then filter out family members.

A lot of people like the idea and they think of the app as being a natural consequence in the modern life of today. The app has been popular so far with it having around 30,000 downloads and has 5 users per minute; there is also a mobile app in the making.

One of the main problems with the app is that people could tick other people out of curiosity, having no intention of hooking up with them and this could cause humiliation for both users. Another use of it could be to trick a partner by getting a friend to tick their partner and then see if they respond.

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