Audi RS7 Could Not Hide Its RS Feature

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Audi was caught testing out the Audi RS7 in Nurburgring. Despite all their effort to try to cover it up, the big fender flares just screams RS.

The vehicle spotted here is clearly not complete as the fender flares looked to be unfinished but it does match the rest of the body so the actual production model might not be too far from the one we see here.

There is also the front fascia which was fitted with larger grilles on the sides that had a more triangular shape but separates it from the rest of the vehicles. It is harder to differentiate the back of the RS7 from the other models like it will be more obvious with the production model since it will come with a twin oval exhaust tips.

Based on what we are seeing right now, it is probably safe to assume that the production model of the RS7 will not be too far away.

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