Audi RS6 Shows Audi R8 Spyder Why Turbo Matters

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The Audi RS6 has gone up against the Audi RS Spyder and it has shown the latter why a turbocharged engine really matters as it came out ahead in the drag race.

The Audi RS6 has been out for some time and 2015 saw it get a performance pack which boosted the output to 605 horses. Even though it has been around for many years you would have to be daft to choose anything else. It has raced against the R8 Spyder before and lost, however this time around it came with a double handicap.

The Audi R8 Spyder offers less power and it is heavier. It is 1, 795 kilograms and offering 540 PS thanks to the V10 engine. The Audi RS6 comes in at 230 kilos more but thanks to all the torque it can put up a fight.

Just looking at the vehicles you would think that the Audi R8 is a supercar and faster than the wagon. However you would be wrong, as the Audi RS6 is just a bit faster and not in just one race, but several comparisons. To reach 60mph from standstill it takes 0.2 seconds less, not a lot in it but enough.

So this seems to be the era for turbocharged engines but the Audi R8 is among the few that doesn’t follow this trend while the Audi RS6 does.

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