Audi RS3: Won’t Be A Golf GTi Killer

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With what the Audi RS3 will have to offer now, some believe that the arrival of the Audi RS3 will affect the sales of the Volkswagen Golf GTi model but that will not be happening anytime soon.

Since both these models are under Volkswagen, we do not think Volkswagen would release them both in the same market if they think that one will affect the other in terms of sales.

There is also the price tag to consider. As amazing the Audi RS3 is, the vehicle also comes with a far bigger price tag compared to the Volkswagen Golf GTi and that alone will ensure that people will still be buying the Golf GTi model.

The Audi RS3 will be coming in with a 2.5 liter five cylinder turbo engine that will be delivering more than 400hp when it arrives. The new model is estimated to retail in between $55,000 to $60,000.

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