Audi RS Model Won’t Rely On Four Wheels Only

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The four-wheel drive system had always been a part of the Audi RS models but that might change in the future as Audi hinted that they might be offering more.

When talking to AutoExpress, Stephan Winkelmann commented that as great as the four-wheel drive is, they also want to have vehicles that offer rear-wheel drive and two wheel drive in the future.

Although that does not mean that we will be seeing the next Audi RS model running around with a two-wheel drive system, it does suggest that Audi is ready to break out from their mould and offer a little more variety.

Of course, that also does not mean that they are looking to ditch the Quattro as he made it clear that the Quattro can also be an option in the future. Do you think Audi should consider the other drive system or should they stay where they are right now?

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