Audi Returns To The Super Bowl 2017

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Both Kia and Honda has said that they are going to be a part of the Super Bowl 2017 and now we have heard that Audi is making a return to it too.

Audi was in the Super Bowl advertising madness last year and they showed off the R8 V8 Plus along with making reference to the Lunar Quattro. Audi has come right out and said that they are taking part again this year, but they haven’t revealed any of their plans for the ads or how long the ad is going to last.

They did say that the ad came from Venables Bell & Partners but this is the only information they offered. Toyota and Mini are among the carmakers that are not showing ads during the Super Bowl this year.

Of course there are going to be many other carmakers who will head to the Super Bowl to show off their latest cars, and Audi is going to be just one among them.

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