Audi R8 Won’t Be Getting A V6 After All

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Earlier this week, there were reports claiming that the Audi R8 would be coming with a turbocharged V6 engine. As exciting as that sound, it looks like those reports might be wrong.

According to Road & Track, a spokesperson from Audi told the magazine that there is no V6 planned for the Audi R8 which means our V6 dreams has just been crushed.

It was initially believed that Audi was going to show off the V6 powered model at the New York Auto Show this month but that might not be happening anymore. The reason why so many people believed that the V6 engine was going to happen was that more than a few websites have suggested that they have spotted the Audi R8 V6 getting tested and that Audi is just about the announce it.

After all that mess, we are happy that Audi finally cleared things up but we are also disappointed that it is not going to happen.

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