Audi R8 Teases 2019 Porsche 911 E-Tron: Will It Be A Reality?

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Electric vehicles are the in-thing right now and even supercars are heading the way of high performance zero emission engines. One of them is the Audi R8 as the vehicle should come in EV form with the next generation.

Audi said that the next Audi R8 could come with a difference and they were talking about a high output electric engine. They want to show that if they replace the V10 engine with electric motors the vehicle will still be fast and provide an drive that engages.

What did shock people more than anything was that Audi mentioned Porsche. They said that the Audi R8 is going to be built on a new platform that caters for electric engines and that the platform is also going to be used by Porsche on the Porsche 911 E-Tron.

Porsche hasn’t responded but for the time being it does look as though the next generation could be the Porsche 911 E-Tron. But whether it is going to become a reality remains to be seen.

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