Audi R8 Is The Safety Car With The Spirit Of A Racer

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The whole point of a safety car is to take over at a racing event if things turn nasty. This is one reason why many of the prestigious events make use of supercars as their safety cars as they have better speed and efficiency.

The Le Mans event is one prestigious event that has a safety car just as prestigious and this is the Audi R8. Safety car drivers tend to have to be prepared for the worst and be disciplined at the same time. The Audi R8 recently brought with it plenty of flair when it drifted on the track that was wet.

The Audi R8 safety car tackled the bend in the racing track with grace and style, which received cheers from those watching. Whether the drifting occurred due to the wet track or whether it was down for entertainment by the skilled driver we don’t know.

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