Audi Q8 Delivers 442hp Warning To BMW X6

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Audi have just revealed a concept vehicle by the name of the Audi Q8 at the Detroit Auto Show and this is top of the range SUV they are working on that sends out a warning to the BMW X6 with its 442 horses.

The Audi Q8 is going to be put into production during 2018 and we saw it in its camouflage in production model and it did look a lot like the concept. The vehicle is going to bring about a change to styling of Audi the grille remains the signature but now it is wider and there is more shape to it. Some of the design of the Q8 has been taken from the Quattro vehicles from 1980.

The concept version of the Audi Q8 is 16.5 feet long, so we are expecting it to be very similar in length to the Q7 and there should be plenty of room for carrying four people. It shares the same platform as the Q7 but the Q8 does take on a coupe like proportion.

The power is a plug-in hybrid offering 442 horses along with 516 torque and this will take the vehicle from standstill to 62mph in 5.4 seconds. There is also the V6 3 litre turbocharged with the electric motor. The motor is located between the 8-speed auto transmission and the V6 and it offers 37 miles on electric power.

The Audi Q8 concept showed off the cabin and what is to come for some of the higher end versions. One of the biggest changes is the layout of the dashboard along with a new interface. Information along with commands comes from the touch displays and the information is relayed through the digital instrument cluster and the head up display.

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