Audi Q5 Will Come With New Numbers To Indicate Engine Performance

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Vehicle numbers are getting more and more confusing thanks to the downsizing of engines. We are already seeing the confusion on Mercedes and BMW’s model and Audi is looking to change that by announcing a new digit system for their upcoming model.

According to Audi, their models will still be keeping their model name like the Audi A4 or Audi Q5 but they will also be getting a two-digit number that will indicate how much hp the vehicle will be offered.

Audi added that they will be starting from 30 which will represent models that are running on engines with an output of 110hp and 131hp. The Number 45 will represent models that are offering 230hp and 250hp. The 70 models will be models that are offering more than 544hp.

Of course, this is far from perfect as people pointed out the gaps that Audi will have between each group. What do you think? Did Audi make the right move?

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