Audi Q3 Molded By Millennials Needs

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Not everybody has the same opinions about Millennials but according to Audi, the millennials did play an important role when it came to shaping their newer models like the Audi Q3.

According to Anupam “Pom” Malhotra, millennials were the reason why they felt their vehicles needed to be more high-tech. Millennials want to be connected and have access to information all the time and that includes when they are in the car.

Audi added that the Audi Q3 was designed with this group in mind which is why it was fitted with the 8.8inch or 10.1-inch infotainment system. Other techs that the Q3 will be fitted with includes the voice control technology, internet connectivity, and more.

Malhorta also added that they have changed the whole buying experience to be more convenient as well as it is now more mobile. With the millennials now slowing growing to be the larger percentage of car buyers, we should be seeing more changes similar to this happening in the automobile world.

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