Audi Q3 Final Teaser Release But Does Anybody Cares?

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Teaser images have always been used by automakers to get their upcoming vehicles hyped up before they officially release it but does the teasers still work now?

More often than not, spies have already captured images of the upcoming models way before the automaker are ready to show it to the world and these images actually show us more than the automaker usually does with their teaser images.

The latest Audi Q3 teaser showed off the new headlights on the vehicle which looks great. The new Audi Q3 should also come with all the new tech that Audi has to offer and from what we have been seeing, there is a lot. The Audi Q3 will be coming in to compete with models like the BMW X1, Volvo XC40, Jaguar E-Pace and more.

More details about the vehicle will be revealed when Audi takes the covers off their new Audi Q3 this week.

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