Audi & Porsche New PPE EV Platfrom Won’t Only Be Under Those Brands

Volkswagen now has a new PPE EV platform that they will be using to build future Porsche and Audi EV models but they might not be the only automaker that is looking to make use of the new EV platform.

According to Bloomberg, we might see the platform fitted to vehicles from other companies other than Audi and Porsche as it suggests that it was more economical and ecologically to share the tech with other automakers.

Since the cost of making the transition from petrol to EV will is so huge, the smaller automakers will benefit from having platforms from other automakers since they won’t have to invest so much upfront to join the EV hype train.

The new platform will suggest a single electric motor that is fitted to the back and will be offered with a rear-wheel-drive system pr two electric motors with an all-wheel-drive system. According to Audi, we will see the platform fitted to wagons, Sportback, crossovers, and SUVs in the future.