Audi PB18 E-Tron Concept Focuses On The Driver Only

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Audi was at Pebble Beach where they showed off their new Audi PB18 E-Tron concept. Besides looking amazing, the concept had a few more tricks up its sleeves.

According to Audi, the Audi PB18 E-Tron concept design is inspired by the wind tunnel and race track but besides the design, Audi also wanted to highlight the “Level Zero” autonomy as well as its central seating position. Drivers can choose to slide in one extra seat on the side but that is it.

Powering the concept is three electric motors that will be delivering about 670hp and 612lb ft of torque. The vehicle might only need a little over 2 seconds to get from 0 to 62mph. The battery should also be offering about 310miles of range. With a charging capability of 800 volts, the vehicle can get charged up in 15minutes. It will also be fitted with wireless charging so it won’t even need to be plugged in.

What do you think of this new Audi concept?