Audi Not Ready To Give Up On Sedans Yet

With the attention that SUVs are getting right now, it does feel that there is no place for sedans in the market but Audi is not ready to give up on sedans yet.

According to Audi, it is still too early to decide on the fate of the sedans. They added that there is still a lot of demands for sedan despite SUVs and crossovers getting so much attention. It was added that the A6 sales actually grew by 69% last year while the A8 sales have also increased by 85%.

It is clear that there is still a high demand for sedan models at this point. It should also be noticed that the RS 6 got so much attention when Audi first announce that they will be offering it in the US despite some people believing that it will be a flop in the market.

Do you think there is still some life in the sedan market or is it time for Audi to move on?