Audi Gives Away Best Xmas Present Ever

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Six Audi fans have probably gotten the best Christmas present ever last year, when the automaker decided to randomly select them and surprising them with customized vintage-themed posters of their vehicles. That’s surely one way to maintain the loyalty and devotion of their fans, and possibly make them love the brand even more.

We’re just going to say that we’re pretty impressed with this method Audi seems to be projecting during the festive season. They actually pulled in Paris-based photographer and car enthusiast, Amaury Laparra to create the limited edition posters for their devoted fans. And it’s really not a regular poster. Laparra apparently worked with the selected fans to learn the story of their cars, blended in a few of the design elements, and voila, posters were then wrapped up as a Christmas gift for them. Such a thoughtful and lovely gift, eh?

It seems that the fans truly enjoyed the remarkably amazing end result, with testimonies suggesting that the artist had really put in a lot of effort into highlighting their favourite aspect of their car. Christmas might have just ended a little too early, and since we couldn’t wait till another 12 more months, can we get a belated gift too, please?

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